University project redesigning the Mucha Museum in Prague



  • Cinema 4D

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Scan

Following a study trip to Prague, we were tasked with redesigning
one of Prague’s museums, researching into branding concepts and environmental considerations in the process.

I chose to redesign the Mucha Museum as, when I visited, I felt the exhibition was quite dated in comparison to some of Prague’s other museums and galleries. Having been particularly inspired by the Communist Museum and its more experimental exhibition space,
I wanted to explore how a brand could operate in a 3D space. So, I taught myself Cinema 4D so that I could fully explore how signage
can reflect a brand’s personality, using a similar technique to create
a reusable ticket.


My idea was to create a brand that nodded to Prague’s communist past with striking colours and heavy typeface – but was also modern and delicate in response to Mucha’s own Art Nouveau style. I thought this approach would refresh the brand and make it more appealing to a younger demographic, which my research showed was the prime gallery/tourist market.


The signage and ticket were both created in Cinema 4D. I tried to simplify the essence of the 'Mucha brand' as much as possible, which is why the circular edges are the most prominent motif. 

The signage was intended to be immersive in how you walk from one world into another (Mucha's world). The ticket was an evolution of this, designed to be a response to the throwaway tickets museum's normally give out - this one would be reusable. 

I had a lot of fun experimenting with Cinema 4D in this brief - especially as these designs were inspired by my parent's toilet seat at home...



  • Print

  • Environmental

  • Digital

  • Novelty

Across all four applications, I wanted to liven the Mucha brand by making it feel dynamic. I used Cinema 4D to experiment with falling letters - I tried to mimic the swirling nature of Mucha's tall paintings. 

The vertical leaflet was particularly difficult as I hadn't worked with such a long format before.


Here I began experimenting with how I could adapt the traditional signage format. I wanted to create an immersive experience, so looked at aquariums for inspiration. I wanted to make Mucha's work 3D so that the visitor felt like they were walking into his world. 


I eventually decided on a heavy sans serif font as, even though it aligned more with my art nouveau research, I found it quite limiting to work with. A sans serif allowed more experimentation (especially with regards to signage) and felt more appealing to a modern audience.

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